Always a Cowboy

I've heard it said, "being a cowboy is more than the ability to ride a horse and handle a rope, it's a state of mind." Well, if that's true, I guess I've always been a cowboy. 

When I was ten, my family moved from Saskatchewan, Canada, to the Southwest. Southwest Manitoba, that is. I missed my life on the homestead but soon became acclimated to prairie life - herding cattle when the pasture gave out - fixing fences and forking manure. 

One of my proudest moments was the day I retrieved a big box from the post office containing my first 5X Beaver Stetson hat - a black one, inspired by Joel McCrae. No more wool felt hats that drooped in the rain like a peasant woman's bonnet. Another highlight was riding ol' Slim a distance of nearly 40 miles to lead home a four-year-old maverick gelding I called Dusty. He and I became good friends. 

Abe Reddekopp

Welcome to my campfire

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